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About Us

Amstutz Concrete

We are a quality concrete contractor passed down and pristinely preserved through three generations. From the beginning, quality of work and customer service has always been our number ONE priority. Owner, Austin Amstutz, has devoted his time in perfecting each job and learning how to keep his customers’ needs above all else. Each job is treated uniquely and with the utmost attention, to give customers the best experience possible.

Amstutz Father & Son
Owner Austin Amstutz and his father Rex.


Amstutz Concrete - SDBD Corporation Job

I just would like to thank you for the Concrete Job that you and your crew completed for me in Leo, Indiana. If you recall you poured my Concrete Slab that required Zero Tolerance for my bolt location points. I have since completed the Steel Construction portion of my building and during this process is when I realized the impeccable job that your Company did for me. Not only did these bolt locations allow me to have a building that did not need any modifications. Your ability to finish this slab with the proper surface was above what I could have imagined, Level, Smooth and a Square Slab. What else could I have asked for?

SDBD Corporation
Steve Dunning

Amstutz Concrete - SDBD Corporation Job

Amstutz Concrete did an amazing job on our patio. Austin and his crew were dependable, courteous, and skillful. Austin takes great pride in his work, which shows through his delicate craftsmanship. He spoke to us on the perfect weather conditions and all the processes along the way. I would highly recommend Austin and his team for any concrete job, big or small.

~ Sean and Misty